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Man kills wife’s lover in Kariobangi

Police are holding a man who allegedly stabbed and killed his wife’s lover in Kariobangi on Sunday night.

The man, who police did not name, found his wife in the house of her lover.

According to Starehe OCPD Wabomba Baraza, the woman had earlier in the day lied to her husband that she wanted to go visit her parents.

“After a while, her husband called her parents to inquire if she had arrived but the parents said she had not and that they were not even aware that she was visiting,” Mr Wabomba said.

The distraught man then went to search for her at the house of the deceased, since he had been informed of the affair.

“He found his wife and the man in a compromising position and that is when the fight started. The man of the house then drew  a kitchen knife and tried to stab his lover’s husband,” Mr Wabomba said, “but the man managed to snatch the knife and stabbed him severally instead.”

Police who were on patrol in the area were informed of the incident.

At the scene of the crime, they found the man bleeding profusely on the floor.

The man died while being rushed to hospital.

Mr Wabomba said the woman’s husband is being held at the Kariobangi Police Station and is scheduled to appear in court to answer to murder charges.

His wife, who had disappeared by the time police arrived at the house, is still at large.