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Man seeks CS Nkaissery’s help after County Commissioner snatches his wife

A 31 year-old man in Kitui County is accusing a senior administrator of destroying his seven-year marriage after he allegedly snatched his wife.

Dennis Nthiwa Mulinge has now sought the intervention of Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery to save his troubled marriage and wants the deputy county commissioner (DCC) restrained from interfering with his wife.

Mr Mulinge married Eunice Mbithe in traditional wedding in 2011, but later formalized the union at a local Anglican Church in Nzongoni village in Lower Yatta. He also says he has been paying dowry to his in-laws according Kamba customs and traditions.


In a letter seen by the Nairobi News, the heart-broken man claims to have undergone “untold emotional stress” and “harassment” in the hands of the DCC, including being arrested and locked up in police custody on trumped up charges.

Mr Mulinge, a junior clerk with the Ministry of Interior, further claims the administrator, who by ranking is his boss, took advantage of his distant work station at Kisasi district to invade his matrimonial home in Lower Yatta.

“Before going into the relationship with my lawfully wedded wife, he the DCC, had prior knowledge that she was married,” reads the letter dated March 28 and which was delivered to the Kitui County Commissioner’s office on Wednesday.

County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich confirmed receiving Mr Mulinge’s letter to Mr Nkaissery.

The woman, however, told Nairobi News that Mr Mulinge is her ex-husband and that they have been officially separated since August last year. She said she has no intention of reuniting with him.


“I’m no longer married to him, we separated because he used to abuse me. I wonder why he is bothered about my life or who pays my house rent. He should move on like I did,” said Ms Mbithe.

Mr Mulinge narrates that on November 13, last year, he was arrested and locked up allegedly at the instigation of the administrator. He was later released without any charges being preferred against him.

He says he had gone to talk to his wife Eunice Mbithe about her illicit relationship with the DCC but ended up in police cells booked under OB reference number 16/13/11/2026.

“I later learnt he was the one who ordered my arrest. One week later, my wife moved out of our home at Mosquito Estate in Kitui town with our daughter to Kwa Vonza town” he explained.

The dejected man says the illicit affair between his wife and the administrator has not only broken his young family, but also hurt him deeply since it is in public domain.

The letter to Mr Nkaissery concludes with a warning that the DCC ends the relationship immediately and apologise to Mr Mulinge as the legal husband otherwise he will take unspecified action against him.


When contacted for comment, the DCC laughed off the accusations as “utter nonsense”, but acknowledged that he knew the complainant and needed more time to respond to the damning allegations.

Minutes later, he followed up with a text message saying “That’s a juicy story. Wacha nimalize function, (let me wind up an event) we’ll talk”.

The Nairobi News posed several questions including whether he ordered the arrest of Mr Mulinge in November last year? Whether he had any affair with his wife? And why would he be singled out for such accusations?

By press time, he had neither called back nor responded the text messages while his phone henceforth went unanswered.