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Man stabbed to death by sister in-law after Christmas squabble

By Ian Byron December 26th, 2019 1 min read

A man in Migori was on Wednesday fatally stabbed by his sister-in-law following an altercation.

The morning incident, which occurred in Munyu village in Suna West Sub-County — seven kilometres from Migori town — left residents reeling in shock with the local administrators terming it a daring act.

Chief Paul Yogo told the Nation that the 32-year-old Joanes Nyambo was stabbed in the chest using a kitchen knife after he allegedly attacked the woman, who was by then peeling cassava for breakfast.

“They had a slight family squabble with the man attacking her for allegedly being disrespectful to her in-laws. In a fit of rage, she turned her kitchen knife on the man, stabbing him several times in the chest,” said the administrator.


“The deceased wanted his sister-in-law to attend to him but she declined, prompting the attack. He beat her up, accusing her of disrespect.”

The woman, whom police have since identified as Eunice Adhiambo, escaped on foot after the attack, leaving behind her two children.

Police in Migori are looking for the woman, who is said to be expectant.

Victor Onyango, one of the neighbours who responded to the man’s distress calls, said the victim died while he was being rushed to hospital.

“I was heading to the shop when I heard screams from the neighbourhood. I rushed to his home and found him lying on the ground. Blood was oozing from his stomach,” Mr Onyango said.

“I called other people and we rushed him to hospital. Unfortunately he passed on along the way,” he said.

Following the incident, Chief Yogo called on residents to solve their differences amicably and not resort to violence.

The man’s body was taken to Migori County Referral Hospital mortuary.