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Man with ‘balls of steel’ pulls strange stunt with his genitals

Men primarily use their genitals to pee or for reproduction. But that excludes one ‘Holy Man’ from the famous Hindu religious festival in India.

The Sadhu – a holy man following the Hindu or Janist tradition – was photographed performing a bizarre feat of strength as he pulled a truck tied with a rope to his genitals.

According to the Daily Mail, the man pulled his strange stunt in Allahabad, in northern India, where hundreds of thousands of Hindus are gathering for the annual Magh Mela festival which began on January 2.

In photos that have been published in some news outlets, the thickset, heavily bearded, bare-chested man in seen pulling the strange stunt that very few men would have the balls to attempt.



The male genitalia is considered one of the most sensitive area of the human anatomy and tends to react in different ways to even the slightest touch.

Meanwhile, the 45-day event sees worshipers bathe in the waters of Sangam, the confluence of the holy Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers on appointed dates.

Sadhus are wandering holy men who have rejected earthly comforts in search of spiritual enlightenment in the hopes of breaking the cycle of reincarnation, a major tenet of Hinduism.

As such, they have no possession and opt for only modest clothes, or, in some cases, go around nude, relying on the kindness of strangers to provide for them wherever they go.