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We were not consulted on plastic ban, say manufactures

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KMA) has decried lack of extensive consultation by the government before issuing a ban on plastics.

In a press statement, the association said the move will lead to loss of jobs in plastic manufacturing companies as well as affect operations in other companies that rely on plastics for packaging.

The manufacturers stated that the constitution provides for public consultation by the government, a stage that was not thoroughly done before the ban was gazetted.

“According to the Statutory Instruments Act, any regulation-making authorities should undertake appropriate consultation and impact assessment before issuing a policy directive – especially if the directive is likely to have direct or substantial effect on business,” read the association’s statement in part.

The statement went further to breakdown the effects the ban will have in the business industry.


“Currently, we have over 176 plastic manufacturing companies in Kenya which directly employ 2.89% of all Kenyan employees and indirectly employ over 60,000 people. These jobs and livelihoods will be negatively affected by this ban,” stated the association.

Environment Cabinet Secretary, Judy Wakhungu, on Tuesday gazetted a notice banning the use of plastic bags for packaging starting end of August.

“The manufacturing sector as a whole will also be negatively impacted as they utilise plastics for packaging products. Imported products packaged in plastics are not affected by the ban and this will create an uneven playing field for the sector,” read the statement.

The manufacturers decried that the six months’ notice is not enough as companies will not be able to clear stock and close production within that time.

“Local manufacturers are committed to responsible business practices which are geared environmental conservation and have in this regard been paying excise duty towards waste management for years, which unfortunately has not been applied to address plastic waste,” stated the association.