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Matatu driver left bare-bottomed in scuffle with traffic cop – VIDEO

A scuffle between a traffic police officer and a minibus PSV driver has left Kenyans shocked after the latter was left with his derriere exposed while trying to flee from the arresting officer.

The undated video shows the incident taking place along Accra Road. The driver tries to escape through the passenger’s door but the traffic police officer holds him by his trouser, briefly stopping his escape.

The struggle between the two results in the driver’s pants being pulled down from his waist exposing his backside.

He then resorts to hitting the officer’s hand repeatedly, forcing him to release him.

This is not the first time matatu crews and traffic police officers have engaged in a fight.

In October last year, a tout became an online sensation after being captured on video fighting with a traffic police officer.

In the video recorded along Mombasa Road near General Motors, the tout was trying to prevent the officer from entering a 14-seater matatu.

Watch the video below: