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Matatu operators call for police units at bus stops

Matatu operators want special police units set up at bus stages along major highways to ensure passengers boarding public vehicles are not armed.

Matatu Welfare Association chairman Dixon Mbugua said on Monday that lack of security checks at the bus stops may have given terrorists an opportunity to board the buses that were attacked with explosives on Sunday.

The two buses were coming from the city centre.

The first explosion, according to witnesses, was hurled at the bus from a moving vehicle and in the second one, it was tossed inside the bus.

“We use metal detectors in all matatu terminuses to ensure no armed passengers enter the vehicle,” Mr Mbugua who spoke by telephone said.

He said it was not possible for the matatu operators to post their own security at every bus stop along the highways.

Mr Mbugua said it was likely that those who hurled explosives inside the bus boarded along the highway.

“When passengers reach their destination, they alight and others enter. It is hard to know who is armed because there are no security checks at the bus stops along the highways.”

Mr Mbugua said it was only the police who can deal with such matters.