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Matatus now ditch the one-meter distance rule

Many Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) are openly flouting the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health on the number of passengers they should be ferrying, a spot check by Nairobi News has established.

Vehicles plying Githuria – CBD and Kiambu – CBD routes are fond of breaking the rules when it comes to the number of passengers they should carry.

For instance, on Thursday, a bus plying the Githurai – CBD route had every seat occupied by passengers, which is against the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Victor Otieno who lives in Githurai 45, told Nairobi News that the operators take advantage of the rush hours to exceed the number of allowed passengers.

“They usually tell somebody to alight if they do not want to sit next to someone else. They don’t take the one-meter distance rule seriously,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by another passenger who lamented on Facebook what he had experienced in the hands of the matatu operators.

Albert Nyakundi said that he was disturbed when he did a random survey on Thika Road vehicles found there was laxity on how Covid19 protocols were enforced.

“This bus in the photo is plying the Nairobi-Githurai 45 was ferrying passengers abnormally. These ladies were seated three of them against the current directive in terms of capacity. The opposite seat had two passengers, against the current directives. Who is enforcing them in the matatu sector?” he posed.

“This happened even though the tout was wearing a reflecting jacket emblazoned with the words ‘Komesha Corona Kiambu County na Governor Nyoro’.”

The scenario was similar for PSVs plying the Kiambu route. On Wednesday, Jane Mwihaki, a nurse who works at a medical facility based in South C, said that she was forced to share a seat with someone.

Ms Mwihaki said that she tried to tell off the tout who told her to alight and board another matatu.

“They do it during rush hours because they know there is nothing you will do as you are trying to beat the curfew and arrive home in time,” she said.

According to her, traffic officers are not keen on the number of passengers, something that the crews have been exploiting.