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‘Mathematician’ eats humble pie after predicting INEOS 1:59 was mission impossible

By Mary Wangari October 12th, 2019 1 min read

A Kenyan self-proclaimed mathematician has apologised for predicting that world champion Eliud Kipchoge’s INEOS 1:59 challenge was an impossible feat after the Olympic champion smashed the two-hour barrier in a historic moment.

It all started when a sheet of paper with calculations done by one Clinton Otieno went viral just days to the much-hyped challenge.

In the calculations, Otieno poured cold water on Kipchoge’s dream of running 42 kilometers in less than two hours.

He argued that it was humanly impossible for any person to run that distance inside that time.


However, some netizens did not buy his idea with many admonishing him calling him a prophet of doom.

Much to his dismay, the legendary icon went ahead to prove that indeed “no human is limited”.

“Am (sic) so sorry and I withdraw. Congratulation Eliud Kipchoge,” said Otieno.

The apology came after Kenyans unleashed their wrath upon Otieno trolling him mercilessly after the breathtaking moment when the 34-year-old shattered the clock within 1:59:40.

“Where is Clinton Otieno the Mathematician? Jim Ratcliffe hired the best researchers across the globe. Wewe na maths yako ya Jaramogi University inakupa kiburi,” wrote one user.

“Clinton Otieno, your village people have called, they want you back, you’ve ashamed your school and your village at large,” wrote one Brian Obwocha.

“Someone nitafutie Clinton Otieno! He disrespected our G.O.A.T with useless maths! He JD the audacity to sign it! We need a national apology!” said Chris Leo

“Clinton Otieno is toxicated with little knowledge and no wisdom. The boy brought his little mathematics discrediting Eliud without putting into consideration that speed varies,” said another user.