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MC Jimmie Kajim surprises wife with a new car for Christmas

Gukena FM presenter, MC Jimmie Kajim, has showcased his romantic side by gifting his wife, Silvana Wambui, a car.

Silvana Wambui, unable to contain her joy, shared the exciting news on social media, expressing gratitude for the thoughtful gift.

“In tears of joy. Three years ago, I got my driving license, and by faith, I believed for a car, and yesterday my lovely husband made this dream come true. I still can’t believe this is happening.

Oh baby, this is one of the best gifts you have given me this year. I really appreciate it, and may God always bless you. God has done it for us; my Year is crowned….Psalms 65:11 ‘You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance. Psalms 65:11,'” she captioned the photos.

In response to his wife’s heartfelt post, MC Kajim expressed gratitude and promised even more in the future. “Congratulations, hun, on your first car; this is just the beginning…you’ve been a wonderful person in my life, you’ve pushed me to go for greatness, you have made my life so beautiful. I know soon ata hiyo Range Rover itakuja but for now, enjoy your ride. ❤️ To God alone be the glory,” he wrote.

Kajim joins the list of celebrities who have recently gifted their wives with cars.

On December, 24, viral Chef Sueh Owino also received a heartwarming surprise from her social media shy husband, a brand new car.

The renowned chef, known for her culinary skills, took to her X page to share the exciting news and express her gratitude.

In a series of photos posted on her social media, Sueh revealed that her husband had gifted her a Honda Grace Hybrid, showcasing the elegant vehicle wrapped as a special present.

One of the photo, she captured the moment Sueh’s husband held her hand as she posed beside the car, while another showed her seated on the car’s boot with her hands raised in what seemed like a prayer of thanksgiving.

“My husband just bought me my first car. May he be blessed 🥰❤️🥹,” Sueh said.