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Meet identical twins who share FB account, bed and boyfriend

May 10th, 2015 1 min read

A pair of identical twins in Australia have shocked the world by revealing that they share everything including a house, a bed, Facebook account and a boyfriend.

Anna and Lucy told Pure Insanity Official that they cannot stand being apart. It does just end there; the twins even finished each other’s sentences, at times responding to a question in unison.

When they go to a restaurant, they order similar food just like when the go shopping for clothes and shoes.


But the most shocking revelation was that they have one boyfriend Ben, whom they met through Facebook and that the three make love at the same time.

Asked how Ben manages to keep both of them happy they said he is living every man’s fantasy.

“People come up to him and tell him ‘you’re so lucky’,” said one of the twins.

“He is an amazing guy,” said the other twin. “He’s been there for both of us before any of this happened and he’s so supportive of what we are doing.