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Meghan’s friends reveal details of her amazing humility as a royalty

Meghan Markle’s life after wedding Britain’s Prince Harry has been described as ‘ordinary’ and one filled with love and home-made meals.

Apparently, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, cooks for her royal husband everyday and extends the same love to her close friends who have visited her.

Close friends opened up to People in what they said was standing up for their friend who has been bullied online and labeled as a difficult duchess.

Meghan, who is expecting her first child in April, has been painted as a homely girl as opposed to the diva picture portrayed by British media.

Her friends described how during their visit she made meals for them and Harry everyday, did her own make-up, wiped her dogs and painted her nails.


“Meg cooks for herself and Harry every single day— there’s no chef or butler,” a close confidante told People.

Another friend who visited Meghan detailed how she was the best host anyone could ask for.

“We had a couple of days together recently. Her husband was out of town on work. In the room she made up for me, there was a candle lit by the bed, slippers and a robe. We were the only two in the house. It was our time. She made the most lovely meals. She made tea everyday. It was raining and muddy outside, so the dogs got all dirty, and she’s wiping them off with towels. How much she loves her animals, how much she loves her friends, how much she loves feeding you, taking care of you — none of that has changed,” the friend said.

Three other people in the Duchess’ circle painted a picture of a humble Meghan debunking all claims that she is difficult to work with and has been beefing with Duchess Kate Middleton.