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Misery, laughter as Nairobians brave the heavy rains – PHOTOS, VIDEO

The heavy downpour that rocked the capital this morning brought forth agony and hilarity in equal measure.

While Nairobi residents grappled with flooded streets, traffic jams and the suddenly icy weather, there was another group behind their keyboards who had so much fodder for themselves.

With the hashtag #NairobiRains, they helped to temper the gloom that gripped the city by the scruff of its neck.

Victor Mochere put in:

Ezra Mokobi tweeted:

Miss Kimola had problems of her own. Tweeted she:

For some crafty Nairobi folks, this was time to make extra moolah. How so? Making bridges using their tools of trade (trolleys) for people to cross flooded streets.

And some, actually most, Nairobians parted with money. Talk of cast iron opportunism.

Yet others had, well, counsel.

But the clincher? This guy:

Clearly, there is a bunch of Kenyans who pounce on trouble to make fun. And today was their day.