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Mr Seed: I dumped Bahati after he kicked out my pregnant wife from concert

February 5th, 2019 1 min read

Gospel musician Mr Seed has finally  explained the circumstances that led him to bolt out of EMB Records owned by his former BFF and musician Bahati.

Mr Seed claims that Bahati called police to kick out his heavily pregnant girlfriend Nimo Gachuiri from his concert. This is after Nimo has expressed interest to sell coffee and tea at the concert.

Well let’s start from the beginning. On the December 31, 2018 Bahati and his EMB entourage held a New Year eve party at Thika Stadium dubbed ‘EMB Jesus Party’.

At the party, Mr Seed’s wife Nimo wanted to make an extra shilling by selling coffee and tea to ravers.

However Bahati wasn’t for the idea and when she attempted, Bahati is said to have called the police on her.


Gospel singer Ringtone had claimed that the disagreement started after Bahati’s wife Diana Marua learnt of Nimo’s idea and became jealous of it and wanted to do the business herself.

According to this narrative, Nimo refused to back off, insisting she is the one who conceived the idea. It’s at this point that the police were called to stop her and possibly kick her out.

But in her defense, Mr Seed says Diana had nothing to do with all that because the person who was giving the orders (calling police) was Bahati.

“Diana na Nimo hawakupatana at any point on December 31 and what I can say is that everything inasemekana that is the truth. Diana hakutumana, orders zilikuwa zinatoka kwake Bahati,” Mr Seed revealed.

He reached out to Bahati on phone after the incident “so as to settle the matters like gentlemen”, but the efforts were fruitless.