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Mulamwah: The last few days have been hell for me

Comedian Mulamwah – real name David Oyando – who recently threatened to quit comedy has said the last few days have been very tough for him.

In a video of the comedian burning his trademark shirt in frustration for being trolled by haters early this week went viral on social media.

“The past three days have been hell to my life and even the past two weeks. It’s been hard. Every time I produce content, people attack me from every angle and even how I dress. It got to me,” the comedian said.

“Two months ago, my girlfriend Carole Sonnie had a miscarriage; we were expecting our first baby. It was a bad moment, and I could get from the hospital and go to make people laugh,” he said.

“She came out strong and encouraged me to continue doing comedy, but the negative energy online was too much. So many people were working to pull me down,” he went on.

He was speaking in a video uploaded on his Youtube channel. Mulamwah said that his immediate family was being affected by online trolls.

“I am a comedian, and I am used to banter, but this was affecting my family. The screenshots would get to my parents, and my siblings were affected too. I thought to myself that ditching comedy and living a quiet life away from the limelight would be beneficial to my family,” he said.

About his trademark shirt, the comedian explained how important it was and how hard it was to burn it.

“It’s not an ordinary shirt. The shirt belonged to our former shamba boy. He was close, but after his grandmother died, he left us, but he gave me the shirt,” he explained.

The comedian was, however, thankful to all those who reached out and encouraged him but said he was not sure what to do next.