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‘Mum tuma fare’: Panicky student’s SOS tickles Kenyans online – VIDEO

An SOS from a Kenyatta University student to his mother to send him bus fare after students went on the rampage on Monday has gone viral touching off varied reactions online.

Fear and anxiety were the overriding emotions for most students caught up in the morning chaos at the university’S main campus along Thika Superhighway.

But amidst the melee that disrupted normal operations at the university, one student’s panicky reaction made him an instant online sensation.

The unidentified KU student recorded himself in an under one minute video making the impassioned appeal to his mother to send him bus fare to enable him leave the campus.

“Mum tuma tuu fare, Mum tuma fare,” screams the student while running. The campus was closed last evening.


The short video has now gone viral on social media with a section of Kenyans on Twitter sympathasing with him while other could not pass the opportunity to create a meme video from his ordeal.

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Kenyatta University.
“Mum tuma tu fare….tuma faaaaare !!”

— *N.e.f.e.r.t.i.t.i* ⚛️™? (@africanqueenmum) October 7, 2019

The students were demonstrating against a range of issues at the institution.

According to the Kenyatta University Students Association (Kusa) president Joshua Ayika, some of the issues that were of concern include the administration’s alleged refusal to extend fee

payment, suspension of students and student leaders on petty basis, charge on supplementary exams at the university and the sacking of more than 700 casual workers without notice.