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Murugi Munyi on how to know when to end a relationship

Content creator Murugi Munyi has dropped more nuggets of wisdom. In a laid-back interview, the social media influencer dished out free advice to people in relationships harboring doubts.

“If you start thinking, should I break up with this person, yes you should, because you would not be thinking that if you truly loved them,” the mother of three said.

Ms Munyi has earned the reputation of a content creator with viable relationship advice as many people ask her questions in relation to love owing to the nature of her content.

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She is married to Zach Munyi and from her union many of her fans benchmark their relationship experiences, seeing her as someone they consult when things seem uncertain or otherwise.

Many a time, Ms Munyi has openly shared her own marital experiences, specifically what works for her marriage.

Several months ago, the curvy content creator shared her frustrations with long-distance marriage, given that her husband works abroad.

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She spoke about  how the absence of her husband leaves her distraught and lonely.

As someone who has always been open about her marriage and inspiring her fans with her relationship dynamics, Ms Munyi had started feeling unable to provide guidance and inspiration to others who may be struggling with their own long-distance relationships.

She shared on her Instagram stories that she cannot offer encouragement to those seeking advice on managing long-distance relationships because she is also feeling discouraged.

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“If you are in a long-distance marriage or relationship, and you perhaps have heard that I am in one as well, and you’ve come to my page for tips, for encouragement, I would like to encourage you to look elsewhere,” she said.

She also acknowledged that people kept telling her it gets easier, but she hadn’t reached that stage yet. She felt like she missed her husband more with each passing day and could not carry the burden of providing guidance and encouragement to others when she needed it herself.