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Mwanaisha Chidzuga brilliantly claps back at blogger Dikembe with ‘job offer’

Veteran journalist Mwanaisha Chidzuga has cheekily ‘offered’ controversial blogger Seth Odongo aka Dikembe Disembe a job at her restaurant.

The K24 TV news anchor was forced into self-defence mode after the blogger unleashed a tirade of tweets touching on her private life.

Odongo stirred up the hornet’s nest with what appeared to be a direct attack on the person and character of Mwanaisha’s long term partner and former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana.

Using choice words, the TV journalist hit back viciously while also advising the blogger to stop wasting his time on gossip.

“…we are hiring at our company I know njaanuary is real and any hit or like will earn u something to survive. Wacha kujiwaste kwa umbea na kusambaza uvumi njoo nikupe kazi hata kama in kukuna Nazi au kuchonga viazi,” Mwanaisha’s tweet read in part.

The blogger is renowned for his consistent attacks on personalities via his social media pages, especially Twitter,  where he boasts of 117,000-plus followers.

On her part, Mwanaisha has never shied away from defending her personal life from keyboard warriors on social media.