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Nairobi contractor blames motorists for unfinished work

By HILARY KIMUYU February 19th, 2016 1 min read

A contractor who was given a tender by Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company to do repair works along Kimathi lane is now blaming motorists for the delay in completion of the work.

The contract that was awarded to Nile Bay General Works in mid-2015 is yet to be complete as scheduled.

Nairobi News spoke to Nairobi County Chief Officer in charge of roads Christine Ogut to establish why repair works on the alley and many other roads in the city are behind schedule.

“They only time we can intervene is when the contractor is unable to complete the work, in which case we revoke the contract,” Ms Ogut said.


However, Nile Bay General Works spokesperson, Jeremiah Gogo, blamed motorists who park their cars along the lane for the delay in completion of the contract.

When asked when the work will be done, he directed us to a sign post, which according to county by laws should indicate the contract’s duration. The sign post, however, doesn’t have such details.

Under its current state, navigating through the road is a nightmare for pedestrians and motorists due to the open manholes which pose a great risk to road users.