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Nairobians to face four months of water rationing beginning New Year

Nairobi residents welcomed the New Year with water rationing following reduced rains.

The Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) on Sunday released the water rationing program that will affect all areas in the city.

The rationing commenced on January 1 and is expected to end in April 2017, according to NCWSC.

“NCWSC takes this opportunity to reassure all city residents that every effort to ensure reasonable supply of water has been put in place,” the company tweeted on Sunday.

The rationing plan will see water supply in Nairobi reduced by about 13 per cent.

Households receiving water five days a week will now be receiving for four days.

NCWSC said its current production is at 545, 034 cubic metres daily against a demand of 760,000 cubic metres. This is a shortfall of over 214 cubic metres.

Speaking to reporters last week, Managing Director Philip Gichuki stated that the capacity at the Ndakaini dam is at 47 percent, far below the required levels.

He pointed out that the weather forecast by the Meteorological Department had been accurate in so far as the rainfall pattern is concerned.