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Nairobians take water rationing protests to Sonko’s Facebook page

Nairobians have decried the ongoing water rationing despite Governor Mike Sonko assurances to have supply increased across the county.

Governor Mike Sonko had last month, during a tour of Ndaikaini Dam, directed that water supply be increased in city estates that have been experiencing water rationing.

In the directive, estates along Juja Road, Mathare, Mlango Kubwa, Huruma, among others that had been receiving water four days a week were to receive water every day. Thindigua and Runda that had been getting water on Monday and Tuesday were to receive water every day.

Survey of Kenya, Mathare North, TRM, Safari Park and Zimmerman that had been getting water on Mondays were to receive water for three days a week, that is Saturday to Monday.
Lucky Summer and Dandora were to receive water on Monday in addition to its usual supply of Tuesday to Thursday.


Kayole, Komarock and Harambee were also to benefit from additional 12 hours of water supply with all other areas receiving improved pressures.

The governor’s directive has however not been implemented and city residents on Monday camped on his Facebook page to protest.

A spot check by Nairobi News revealed that some areas as still having tough rationing measures.

Here is what city residents had to say.

A Juja Road resident wrote; “The other day, I saw Nairobi governor Mike Sonko tell us that Nairobi will have water through out for at least 4 days a week. That’s not the case. The water cartels still playing big, they block water and make selling points in every estate in Nairobi. They are not ashamed, if youths have to create jobs, why make others suffers. There are many opportunities that can be used instead of diverting free water for sale. The Nairobi Governor should take note of all illegal convections and water selling points and take action ASAP. No need of promising water but to the cartels to make money out of poor citizens. Send your people along every major estate and see what’s happening. No water along jujaroad for the last one month, yet it’s there for sale.”


Philip Muyuiro wrote; “Tuletee maji Kayole Mheshimiwa. Why do we have to buy water from vendors while other city residents have water in their taps throughout the week? It’s so unfair #Mike Sonko.”

Shirivoy Oti questioned; “Why are we residents of Kahawa West being sidelined when it comes to water supply, other area have water throughout the entire week whereas Kahawa West is only given one day in a week, is that fair really?”

Levy Levy stated; “Huku Huruma hatupati maji governor na ulisema rationing imeisha.”

Mercy Gachara commented on an appreciation post; “It’s good to appreciate them but first things first. There’s no water in Donholm as promised.”