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Natalie Tewa responds to ‘dating’ famous politician

August 21st, 2022 2 min read

Instagram influencer Natalie Tewa has responded to claims her lifestyle is funded by a politician, claiming people make up false stories about her quite a lot.

While responding to a curious fan on her YouTube channel, Tewa clarified people like putting her in a bad light.

“Are you funded by a politician?” asked her fan, to which Tewa responded by saying;

“No and ano, people huniwekelea vitu sana.”

Following the allegations that have been circulating the internet, Tewa had to come clean on how exactly she is able to sustain her lifestyle saying she quit her job so that she could pursue what she enjoyed doing the most, and was getting paid more than her previous 8-5.

The content creator once revealed that she started her Youtube channel as a joke while on campus, and she slowly garnered quite a number of subscribers which motivated her to take her channel seriously. The Influencer currently has over 106K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Among many rumors about Tewa was when she was rumored to be dating a famous Coastal politician after her travel documents went viral.

Netizens assumed Tewa was on vacation with the said politician, something that saw the YouTuber stay away from social media for a year.

She was also rumored to be pregnant following many of her posts in the recent past about baby items.

“There was a point where people said I was pregnant, think twice if you believed that story. I was just a victim of blogs. It comes from the fact that my friend has a baby shop and I posted it a few times,”

Speaking about leaving social media, Natalie told a local publication that she took a break from creating content and posting on YouTube over too much negativity.

“I was tired of social media, I am a private person and I like my things being under-waters. When people were too much in my life, I quit social media and ventured into other things,” she said.

She said she was putting her life out there for her fans thinking they were supporting her but the negativity was not worth her mental health.

“It was not worth it. But because of my passion, I am back and the reception is higher. I think people are just keen to know what is going on in my world and so on,” she said, adding that her fans have told her to do more in her day-to-day life.

“I am still not ready to open up too much to them,” she said.