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Ndii touches off debate on legalization of Marijuana

August 2nd, 2018 2 min read


Nasa strategist David Ndii has kindled an online debate on whether or not Marijuana, a drug substance which is outlawed in Kenya, should be legalized.

Ndii touched off the debate while commenting on a story by NTV of how the Kenya Revenue Authority had seized 17kg of the substance worth Sh680,000 at the Suam Border crossing between Kenya and Uganda.

The suspect, who was trafficking the substance on a motorcycle, was intercepted by a customs officer on routine patrol at the border. He is set to be charged in court once investigations are complete.

Preliminary reports show that the marijuana, which is believed to have been sourced from Uganda, was destined for Nakuru via Kitale.

Ndii simply responded to the story by tweeting: “Legalize Marijuana.”

His tweet elicited a flurry of comments from Kenyans on Twitter.

Ric C tweeted, “Africans will wait for the west to do it 100% so that it’s acceptable. Then Africans will ape the accepted culture, then a few individuals with government connections/political patronage will monopolize it through bureaucracy and legislation.”

Ole said, “We have a draft Bill on #LegalizeIt that @okothkenneth undertook to sponsor.”

Anthony Ng’ayo wrote, “@makagutu_o @FredAsira @benjabali @idabarack Ndii is speaking our language.”

Mr B commented, “We should all descend upon parliament to persuade Kenya legislators to embrace marijuana legalization. Call it, Joint Effort.”

SoshBoru said, “@HonAdenDuale whoever bring this bill to the house we shall make him the president by force in 2022… ama namna gani my fellow high hills high school high attitude etc.”

The-savage wrote, “The amount of marijuana smoked and baked on a daily basis in Kenya if research was done comprehensively well by the government kwanza this cold season.”

Hesbon Munyi said, “We now know what drives you..Dr!”

Abu Sakeena wrote, “It is good for the economy and tourism if you think about it.”