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Nicah the Queen, boyfriend reunite after week-long split

The break-up between gospel singer Nicah the Queen and hey boyfriend DJ Slahver only lasted a few days, it seems.

In a joint statement on their socials, the couple announced they’d kissed and made up, and clarified they were not clout chasing with news of their breakup.

“Love is a beautiful thing and it comes in different series,” they explained.

“As a young couple, we agree to disagree at some point in our daily life ‘cos we are in a stage of knowing and learning each other better. So guys it was not clout or anything related to attention-seeking, we had separated for nine days. Thanks to everyone who prayed and wished us well during our breakup. What God has put together.”

Nine days ago, Nicah, born Veronica Wanjiku, explained the couple had mutually parted ways.

“Slahver and I have decided to call it quits and go our separate ways! People can fall in love and they can also fall out. All In all, we move on regardless! I wish him nothing but the best,” she wrote.

A statement by Dj Slahver, real name Slahver Lwangu, confirmed the breakup and thanked people who reached out to him.

“I don’t think I can say anything at the moment until both of us recover from whatever just happened. It is wise not to say anything while not in my right senses,” he wrote.

Nicah introduced the new man last year in October after keeping the relationship a secret for a while.

DJ Slahver is not a new name in the Kenya music industry. He is a talent manager, working with the likes of Nameless, Darassa, Wahu and Nicah the Queen. He is also a manager at Ziiki Media.