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Why you should not make a stopover on this spot along Mombasa road

A Kenyan who almost became wild animal’s prey over the weekend has warned that the “Man Eaters” in Tsavo along Mombasa road are real.

Lucky Wambisa Sirumba narrated his ordeal on Facebook on how he had ignored all warnings about making a stopover in the area.

The tempting scenery made the user stop to take photos ignoring warnings from fellow motorists who kept hooting.

He wrote;


Those doing road trips to coasto, avoid doing a stopover n taking photos in this section. #WatuNiKusaidiana.

We will not try such a stunt next time. They intentionally built the SGR that leave a footpath for the Tsavo National Park wild animals.

The trailers kept hooting to notify us of the impending danger we were subjecting ourselves into, but hatukuwa tuna elewa. We could have been minced meat (sic) my friends. God is good…

Eeeh hapo chui iliwahi kuta Msee juu ya a moving lorry…


The spot has scenic beauty and often wild animals cross the highway making a perfect scenery for motorists.

The standard gauge railway which passes through the area was built on pillars leaving a passage for the animals.

Many who often travel along the highway have admitted to endangering their lives by stopping to take photos oblivious of the fact that it is part of the Tsavo National Park.