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NTSA car hits, kills two-year-old while pursuing traffic offender

A vehicle belonging to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on Thursday hit and killed a two-year-old child while pursuing a traffic offender at Nyangusu trading center, Kisii County.

Witnesses said the vehicle was pursuing a Toyota Pro-box which was ferrying passengers when it hit the two-year-old child who was rushed to Akemo Valley Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to one witness, the car left a designated route in pursuit of the offending motorist only to cause the death of a child.

“We are asking the government to take action,” the witness said.


The incident sparked protests by area residents who accused NTSA officials of impunity. The residents say a number of children have lost their lives in the area due to careless driving.

Established through an Act of Parliament, NTSA’s mandate includes making recommendations on matters relating to road transport and safety, implementing policies, planning, managing and regulating the road transport sector.

The authority is also mandated with ensuring the provision of safe, reliable and efficient service under the existing rules and regulations that govern road transport and safety.