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NTSA suspends two matatu saccos licences over non-compliance

The National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) has suspended the licences of two matatu saccos over non-compliance

According to NTSA Director General George Njao, Bungoma Line Safari Ltd and Smart Highways Sacco Ltd, the companies behind the long-distance shuttles, failed to comply with the necessary regulations including speed violations.

“The Authority notifies the public that it has suspended the Operator Licenses for Bungoma Line Safari Ltd and Smart Highways Sacco Ltd. The suspensions were necessitated by the saccos failure to comply with provisions of Section 5 of the NTSA (Operation of PSV) Regulations, 2014 and analysis of speed data violations that were compiled through the NTSA Intelligent Road Safety Management System. (IRSMS),” NTSA said in a statement.

NTSA has further directed the two saccos to submit their vehicles for inspection should the owners want to have the licences restored.

“In its decision, the Authority expects the saccos to comply with all the requirements of the Traffic Act, the PSV Regulations and present their vehicles for compliance inspection to establish their roadworthiness and to confirm the functionality of the installed speed limiters,” NTSA said.

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The authority has been conducting crackdowns on motorists who flout traffic rules and regulations across the country.

On Wednesday, an enforcement team at Lukenya, Machakos County on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway netted more than 1000 errant vehicles.

The vehicles included both private and public service which were ferrying passengers to various destinations.

Mr Njau and other senior NTSA officers alongside those from National Police Service counterparts oversaw the crackdown.

Athi River OCPD Jos Mudavadi said the operation was meant to enforce traffic laws, rules and regulations.

“Today alone we have impounded more than 1000 vehicles both private, commercial and unroadworthy ones alongside those that don’t have the required documents as per the law. All motorists must possess relevant required documents like driving licenses to be on the road,” said Mr Mudavadi.

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Mr Njau noted that most accidents result from unsafe road user behaviour such as overloading, unsafe crossing, speeding and drink driving.

“Road safety begins with each and every one of us. Travellers should do their part by always wearing seatbelts and reporting PSV drivers who appear to be driving under the influence,” said Mr Njau.

“We have been conducting such crackdowns since February. This is one of the strategies to ensure safety on our roads for the benefit of all road users, and we will continue to do so until insanity is restored. Similar checks were conducted along the Garissa-Nairobi highway, Embu-Nairobi road and in Kisii and other major highways in the country,” he said.

According to statistics from the NTSA, 1090 people have lost their lives in road accidents in Kenya this year alone. A closer look at the traffic data from January 1 to March 24 shows that the number of deaths has increased compared to the same period in 2023.

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As of March 24, pedestrians lead in fatalities at 403, compared with 343 recorded last year. The majority of the fatalities were pedestrians, followed by motorcyclists, passengers, drivers, pillion passengers and pedal cyclists. Motorcyclists recorded 260 deaths marking a slight decrease compared to 276 in 2023.

“In 2024, at least 233 passengers have lost their lives in road crashes compared to 178 in 2023 with 84 drivers losing their lives in road accidents which is a decrease compared to 100 in the same period last year,” NTSA said.

Pillion passengers recorded 92 deaths compared to 96 witnessed last year with only 18 pedal cyclists losing their lives this year from an accident within the period under review compared to 19 recorded in 2023.

In its draft National Road Safety Action Plan 2023-2027, the NTSA says a number of national and county government agencies are currently underfunded to deliver safety-related services.

These include the NTSA, the Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha), the police and county health authorities.