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Obama’s secret service takes over venue of Kasarani rally

President Barack Obama’s security personnel have taken over preparations at the Safaricom Indoor Arena where he is scheduled to speak on Sunday.

The officers, together with some of their Kenyan counterparts, on Monday inspected the venue, which is part of the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani complex, .

A Nation photographer who was part of a team that had gone to report on the preparations was forced to delete the photos he had taken.

The officers, in black suits and dark sunglasses, intercepted the photographer as he was leaving the area. The photographer had taken photos of the ongoing work and some of the US security personnel.

“Our colleagues have told us you have photographed them, you must delete the pictures,” one officer, who seemed to be the leader of the team, said.

“You cannot have the pictures, this will endanger our men,” the American insisted.

“You may take photos of the stadium but not of any of us.”

Responding to our request for identification, one of the Americans flashed his badge and said firmly: “We are police officers.”

Although the American officers were civil, their Kenyan counterparts were not and shouted at the Nation team while joining in demanding that the images be deleted.

The indoor arena is expected to be packed for Mr Obama’s speech.