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ODM communications chief, claims Raila paid for Lady Maureen’s hospital bills

Raila Odinga supported Ohangla singer Lady Maureen when she was unwell, an aide to the opposition leader has claimed.

The songstress – real name Maureen Achieng – breathed her last on Saturday morning in Migori where she was recuperating after her discharge from hospital days earlier, her family announced.


Her death moved many of her fans, including prominent politicians, led by Odinga, who sent through his message of condolence via social media.

The messages appeared to irk a section of Kenyans who blasted the politicians for ‘not doing enough’ to help the singer when she was on her deathbed.

But ODM communications director, Phillip Etale, has sought to clear the air on the matter, claiming that the opposition leader and his wife Ida sent an unspecified amount of money to the singer’s family.

“I feel bad when people choose to go on social media to brand him (Odinga) all sorts of names. When Lady Maureen, the queen of Ohangla music fell sick, her family and friends reached out to Mr Odinga for help. He sent money to have her taken to the hospital for treatment,” Etale said.


Etale also claims Odinga’s wife visited the deceased singer in hospital.

“His wife Mama Ida Odinga has been more than a mother to Lady Maureen. She visited her in hospital and all through her sickness, Mama Ida has been keeping tabs on her to find out how she is faring on,” he said.

Etale has also explained that Odinga is ‘not able’ to help each and everyone in need of assistance from the community.

“We have seen prominent musicians and artistes die in other regions, no one blames leaders from those regions for their deaths. I find it unfair judgement by a section of Kenyans on the person of the former Prime Minister.

“Yes, he is the natural leader of the Luo community. But he can’t possibly bear all the burdens for everyone in the region. He is a national leader too. He can’t carry the whole nation on his back,” Etale said.