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ODM Rep threatens to kill colleague

October 28th, 2013 2 min read

A senior County Representative dramatically drew a gun at the Nairobi Speaker’s office and threatened to shoot a female colleague accusing her of undermining his “able  leadership” in the Cord Coalition.

Witnesses say the rep drew his gun and pointed it at ODM’S nominated County Representative Nancy Luchiri  on Thursday evening, throwing City Hall into panic.

The rep who is said to have pulled out the gun did not pick our calls or reply to text messages when we tried to reach him over the weekend for his comment.

The rep, together with five colleagues were in an informal meeting at the Speaker’s office when Ms Luchiri and her TNA colleague Imelda Nyasuna came knocking.

But as they shook hands, the rep in question shot up and accused Ms Luchiri of soiling his name.

He reportedly stood up and started abusing her. He then drew his gun and pointed it at her threatening to kill her.

“I will finish you. You cannot spoil my name any more. I will shoot you,” the rep is alleged to have shouted.

At this point, a shaken Ms Luchiri ducked behind Mr Magelo who stood and held the man’s hand begging him to return his gun in the pocket.

“I was shaken. He could have shot me. It was a scary experience,” Ms Luchiri told Nairobi News on Sunday.

Among the County Reps who witnessed the altercation are Mountain View’s Beatrice Kwamboka, Celestine  Akinyi, and another whose name  was given as Jacqueline.

Ms Luchiri said she did not understand why her colleague was so furious at her although the name of a former Cabinet Minister  in the city was mentioned in the exchange of bitter words.

Ms Luchiri said officers at Central Police Station turned her away and told her to report to the Head of Inspection at City Hall.


” The officer we met at the second floor treated us casually. He told us the speaker’s office was protected by the law and anything that happens there cannot be taken to court,” said Ms Luchiri.

Mr Magelo admitted there was a bitter altercation in his office but denied someone’s life was threatened.

“Colleagues can quarrel loudly. But I calmed the situation and I believe a reconciliation is currently going on,” he said on Saturday.