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Why we offered Sh100 couple a free maternity package – PHOTOS

A city hospital has given the Sh100-wedding couple a free maternity package for their first born child.

The proprietors of Komarock Modern Hospital, Utawala branch, have offered to provide free antenatal and postnatal care to Wilson Wanjohi and his wife Ann Muhonja.

Dr Selesio Nyamu, one of the facility’s proprietor who is also a gynecologist and obstetrician, is scheduled to see the couple on Wednesday for their first antenatal clinic visit.

Lovebirds Wilson Wanjohi and Ann Muhonja at their greenhouse. PHOTOS | COURTESY
Lovebirds Wilson Wanjohi and Ann Muhonja at their greenhouse. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Dr Nyamu’s wife, Harriet, the hospital’s managing director, initiated the goodwill back in January when well-wishers were planning a grand wedding for the couple.


“I got in touch with Ndungu Nyoro back then. Since our specialty is in healthcare, we discussed and left him to let us know when the couple is ready. I figured that since people had gifted them a dream wedding, we needed to ensure that they get the best healthcare as at that point I felt they may not afford it,” Mrs Harriet Nyamu told Nairobi News.

On Monday, Ndungu Nyoro contacted Mrs Nyamu and notified her that the couple now ready for the maternity package.

In the maternity package, Komarock Modern Hospital will offer the couple free gynecology consultation and antenatal clinic tests, free delivery services whether normal or caesarian section and postnatal clinic including immunization of the baby.

Mrs Nyamu, a nutritionist, will guide the couple on dietary needs of the baby and mother to ensure a smooth pregnancy.

The maternity ward at Komarock Modern Hospital. PHOTO | COURTESY
The maternity ward at Komarock Modern Hospital. PHOTO | COURTESY


“I talked to Wilson on Monday and he told me they were yet to start the antenatal clinics so on Wednesday we will start off the journey with them to add to their happiness and ensure they deliver a healthy baby,” said Mrs Nyamu.

The facility’s Komarock branch has been operational for the last 12 years, while the Utawala branch is new.

This is not be the first time the hospital is offering a free package.

“During the doctor’s strike we had several cases of patients who would come in and explain that they had little or no money and since public hospitals were non-operational we had to extend some goodwill. We handled case by case and in the end we ended up engaging more healthcare workers to offer the much needed services,” said Mrs Nyamu.

The two branches are equipped with theatres, an intensive care unit and a newborn unit along with nutritional counselling support to encourage exclusive breastfeeding.