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Orengo roasted after breaking suit buttoning rules during Moi visit

Siaya Senator James Orengo was on Friday trolled online after being pictured in a wrongly buttoned suit as he condoled with the Moi family.

Senator Orengo visited the Moi family at their Kabarak home together with Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka and Nakuru Senator Susana Kihika.

The delegation was reportedly barred from meeting retired Daniel Moi and they only shared photos taken outside the home with Gideon Moi.

In the photo, Orengo’s wrongly buttoned coat stole the show dominating discussions online.

“Hii korti ya Orengo ni tuxedo ama?” Josh Almasi questioned.

“Lakini ma-photographer, yani hawaezi ambia @orengo_james a button jacket vizuri?” Malcom wondered.

“Orengo you are getting old mzee, look at the buttons of his coat???,” Mercy Mainge wrote.

“Kwani Orengo hajuii kufunga kotiii!!” wondered Augustine Kiragu.

“I bet Orengo’s suit is either from Gucci or H&M,” Harrietta Kiboma teased.

“Is this the half a million suit that orengo bought when he was the minister of lands?” Ngugi Francis wondered.

“Now we need an ‘Orengo button swag challenge’, ama namnagani,” stated Apache.

“Age is really catching up with our senior counsel Hon. James Orengo. Buttoning is now a problem,” wrote Brian Yats.

“Orengo should IMPEACH whoever dresses him immediately,” Chesoi Arap commented.