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Otile Brown flaunts new car after second breakup with Vera Sidika

Musician Otile Brown has flaunted his new Mercedes Benz just days after his second bitter break up with socialite Vera Sidika.

The purchase of the Mercedes Benz was the cause of friction between Otile and Vera, after the socialite claimed the musician had begged her for a Sh500k top up in order to purchase the car.

The two had an ugly spat that featured screenshots and a vlog by Vera explaining that she had had enough of Otile’s money borrowing.

Vera released WhatsApp screenshots of her conversations with Otile in which she responded that she was not in a position to help with the loan request.

This was just days after they had kissed and made up in Dubai.

It seems an angry Otile went mute on Vera after his request was turned down, that leading to the socialite to wonder whether he rekindled their old love just for the money.

Otile will later also release his cache screenshots of conversations in which he had agreed to help Vera pay rent for her salon.

And in a subsequent Insta story post, he explained how he craved to add the Mercedes Benz to his parking lot just to boost his after being hurt by Vera.  He added that he could afford it.

Otile also apologized to Vera for hitting back with the salon rent discussion, saying he did it out of anger as he loved Vera dearly but maintained that the relationship is over.