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Otile Brown reacts after YouTube deletes songs

RnB singer Jacob Obunga, popularly known by his stage name Otile Brown, has shed some light on why some of his songs have been pulled down by YouTube.

His lawyers, he adds, are in contact with the Google-owned video-sharing platform, which assured him that it was working to resolve the issue and restore the content.

“We cannot get into the specific reason that led to the deletion but we would like to assure you that we took up the issue with our legal team, partners, and with YouTube, who confirmed that there had been an issue but assured us that they are working to resolve, restore and reinstate the content,” he said.

“We wish to extend our sincere apologies for the inconvenience occasioned by this unprecedented setback and most importantly thank you for all your support as we work hard to resolve this issue. Let us keep supporting the new projects that we will be releasing moving forward.”

He said the songs that were removed without his consent include “Dusuma”, “Chaguo la Moyo”, “Baby Love”, “Hi”, “Watoto na Pombe”, “In Love”, “Samantha”, “Aiyana”, “Crush, “Regina”, “Ndagukunda” and “Jamila”.

“Dusuma” was one of the most-watched videos in Kenya, with an estimated 27 million views before it was pulled down.

In June 2020, Otile Brown was ranked one of the most-watched artists on the US Billboard charts.

But this is not the first time Otile Brown’s songs have been pulled down.

Last year, “Fight”, on which he collaborated with rapper King Kaka, was removed by YouTube for copyright infringement, in a claim filed by Deyminbrown.

In 2018, “Chaguo la Moyo”, one of his megahits, was deleted after an individual claimed copyright violations. But he later republished the song on the platform.

Otile Brown has previously decried the growing number of alleged copyright claims from people he said were just clout chasers.