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Otile Brown smokes joint as he dances seductively with new girl – VIDEO

By NAIRA HABIB November 27th, 2018 1 min read

Kenyan RnB singer Otile Brown appears to have moved on from his bitter break up with socialite Vera Sidika if the videos he has shared on his Instagram stories are anything to go by.

In the videos, Otile, who is currently in Ethiopia for reasons that he is yet to disclose, is seen dancing and touching a woman seductively while smoking a joint.

The short video captures him holding the slender woman from behind while the unidentified woman rubs her bum on his junk.

This takes place a week after his ex-lover Vera publicly aired their dirty laundry for the second time revealing how “lousy” he was in bed.

The two have been in a now-on, now-off relationship with each party pointing an accusing finger at the other when things get sour.

Will this other woman be able to maintain a lasting relationship with Otile, we can all just wait and see?