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Pangani police to conduct road safety campaign

Police will spearhead public education on road safety to control the number of road accidents in Pangani.

Speaking in an interview with NairobiNews, Pangani Base Commander Mr Charles Mwangangi said a meeting is scheduled to take place that will include all stakeholders.

“Our New Year target is to see road carnage reduced by educating members of public on road safety,” said Mr. Mwangagi

He cited incidents in Ngara, Pangani and Drive – Inn where pedestrians ignore footbridges or jump over the guard rails.

He attributed poor vehicle maintenance as the biggest cause of the accidents.

The Base Commander appealed to matatu owners to take their vehicles for inspection to meet the standards of road safety.

“Speed governor, worn out tires and unworthy vehicles on the road shall not be tolerated,” warned Mr Mwangangi.

He hinted out of a major crackdown that will immediately take place after the public education.