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Part 2: A lady’s guide to a one night stand

The mention of a one night stand evokes an array of emotions from various quarters. Moral debates aside, the reality is that they are happening in Nairobi. Should a woman choose to engage in a casual encounter with a stranger, here’s a guide on the do’s and don’ts;

1. Consequences – All actions have consequences. Before you decide to have a sexual encounter with a stranger, weigh in on the consequences of your actions. Are you in a relationship? What is at stake? Do not be reckless with your loved one’s heart.

2. Don’t be clingy – Women are emotional beings. It is natural to wonder about details of the life of the handsome stranger you went home with. Does he have a girlfriend? What’s her name? It’s okay to think these things. A one night stand however is intended to last only the night. Do not think these thoughts out aloud. You will just make it awkward.

3. Carry flats – If you are going out to a party and you intend to have a one night stand, do not forget to throw a pair of flat shoes in your bag. These encounters can turn ugly or awkward very fast, you never know when you may need to make a quick getaway.

4. No personal information – This is something that you should never forget especially now that every other person that you meet on the streets of Nairobi is trying to con you. Just because he looked good in the bar light does not mean that your new ‘friend’ is good. Do not give him any personal information that may be used to track you.

5. Make your health a priority – A one night stand is assumed to be someone you have never met and one who you do not intend to meet again after the act. Using protection is thus a genius idea. You do not want to catch a STD or spend a lifetime raising a child alone from just one night of pleasure.

6. If you hit it off   There’s a criteria when it comes to who to have a one night encounter with. Usually, it should be with someone that you do not intend to have relations with again. If you go to a bar and meet a man with whom you get along with like bush fire, a man who stimulates you intellectually, go home alone. If you look at him and think that you could date him, don’t go home with him. You may get attached.

7. Someone you are unlikely to see again – A man that lives in your apartment building, a colleague or even your movie guy are a no-no when it comes to one night stands. There is nothing more awkward than having casual relations with a man who you keep running into; this is especially so if the experience was unpleasant.

8. Don’t kiss and tell – A one night stand can be thrilling and your first instinct the morning after may be to call your girlfriends and gush out about it. It is wiser though to keep the truth closer to your heart. Details like these may come back to haunt you months or years down the line.