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Passaris: My ‘see me through’ dress picture was photoshopped

Nairobi County gubernatorial aspirant Esther Passaris has dismissed images of herself donning a “see me through” dress at a public event, insisting they are photoshopped.

However, the city businesswomen, who is never far from controversy, says she has no apologies to make even if she had indeed wore the dress.

“I took away your right to dress me and undress me,” she said on social media.

Passaris found herself under public scrutiny when images of her dressed in a black “see me through” dress went viral on social media.


One social media user posted the image alongside a message stating: “To promote transparency in her campaigns and project such in her future Nairobi Government, our darling here has decided to wear transparent clothes.”

Passaris however responded by saying: “I go out of network for a few hours and all hell breaks loose. Are we so idle? Is bashing each other or others a profession? Anyway, It’s strange to be quoted when I have not given nor do I intend to give any comments on photoshopped images from the Miss World Launch I attended last week.”

To prove her case, Passaris posted what she claims was the original outfit she clad during the event.