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How Passaris got herself swamped with pleas from ‘jobless’ Nairobians

A simple request by a tweep directed to Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris has left her besieged by Kenyans on Twitter.

In his tweet, Elijah Oginga, made a desperate plea to Passaris asking her to help him in finding a job.

To this Passaris quickly responded by asking Oginga which course he took in University.

He later tweeted back saying that he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce.

Kenyans on Twitter on the lookout promptly took the cue to also present their cases to Passaris with similar requests.

“Hata mimi ma’am saidia huyo kwanza halafu ataniajiri,” said @DouglasMyles.

“We are many in this shoe Madam, depression is eating us away and no one is around to guide us through this turmoil. Mental health is an issue that needs to be handled for the youths to live. I got a degree in Horticulture here, please do help out,” wrote @Willey003.

“Don’t leave me out please,I studied BCOM Accounting option, graduated with a second class honors and I am a CPA section 6 holder. Your assistance will be highly appreciated Mum,” wrote @chepkorirrose.


“I had sent a request earlier too. Kindly assist,” tweeted @Matumbai3.

“Nowadays it’s like we waste money and time learning in the higher institutions. 2 years with a degree in environmental science and am still jobless. Hii Kenya wengine sisi ni wananchi tunasindikiza wenye nchi. So sad,” said @yardamaxine.

“Problem with our Universities is that they never guide students towards developing careers. We study in universities not to pursue a career. We study to pass exams,” stated @PeterWanje.