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Pastor Ng’ang’a exposes Sim Swap fraudsters, urges vigilance

Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has shed light on a prevalent scam involving sim swap tricks used by fraudsters to swindle unsuspecting Kenyans.

He warns people to remain vigilant to avoid falling victim to similar schemes.

Addressing his congregants, the televangelist recounted how the fraudsters siphoned funds from his SIM cards registered under different churches to collect offerings.

In the first incident, Ng’ang’a revealed that an unidentified individual visited a regional customer care outlet of a telecommunications company in Nakuru.

There, they executed a sim card swap for the line registered under his name, subsequently withdrawing over Ksh200,000.

“When I was informed by the Jerusalem church that the phone was malfunctioning, I volunteered to visit the service provider’s office to resolve the issue. However, the sim card registered for this particular church had also stopped working,” he recounted.

Upon seeking assistance from customer care, the pastor was shocked to learn that someone had swapped the numbers for both registered lines within two days at the same shop in Nakuru.

Ng’ang’a criticized the attendant, highlighting the failure to verify National Identification (IDs) cards as a primary cause of sim swap fraud.

Additionally, the pastor encouraged his church members to remain steadfast even in the face of trials and temptations, citing divine assistance during challenging times.

“Seasons come and go. Do your work in all seasons, and leave the rest to God,” he emphasized.

In a separate gesture of generosity in November, Ng’ang’a surprised 41 of his congregants who are hawkers during a service. He announced donations to the hawkers, urging them to utilize the funds to grow their businesses.

Furthermore, he encouraged them to establish a group to support one another in expanding their enterprises.

“Ntawapatia kila mtu Sh10,000, nataka muwe na kikundi nyote mjuane muanzishe kakitu yenu, muwe na kachama yenu,” Ng’ang’a announced.

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