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Shy, reserved guys are the perfect lovers, here’s why

For decades, women have had a list of the characteristics they want in potential lovers. Kind, good in communicating, has a sense of humor, is in touch with his emotions, is an ambitious hutler, looks good (there overkill stereotype of tall, dark and handsome), can support her and they are compatible.

But over time, there has been a shift in the type of men they want for themselves. Considered ‘undesirable’ in the past compared to outgoing, socially forward people, shy, reserved guys are turning out to be the perfect lovers for many women.

Shy and reserved guys often fly under the radar when it comes to dating and relationships but they have qualities that make them perfect lovers. These men are often more attentive and thoughtful, taking the time to listen and understand their partner’s needs. Their reserved nature also means they are less likely to be overly aggressive or domineering in a relationship, creating a more balanced and harmonious balance.

Shy guys tend to be more empathetic and sensitive, making them more attuned to their partner’s emotions and better able to provide comfort and support. Additionally, their introverted nature often translates to deeper, more meaningful connections as they prefer one-on-one interactions and value quality over quantity. You are guaranteed of a monogamous lover as opposed to a community husband with no breaks for his gear.

Another advantage of dating a shy guy is their loyalty and dedication. Once they open up and commit to a relationship with you, they are likely to be faithful and devoted partners. Their reserved nature also means they are less likely to seek attention or validation from others, making them more dependable and trustworthy. What’s even better is that shy guys are also great listeners which can be incredibly valuable in a relationship- dear women, you will never lament about not being heard of listened to with this type of guy! They are more likely to pay attention to their partner’s needs and desires, making them more responsive and attentive lovers.

On the romance and intimacy front, shy guys are often more creative and thoughtful. They may not be the most vocal about their feelings, but they are likely to express them through thoughtful gestures and actions. Their reserved nature also means they are less likely to take their partners for granted as they are more aware of the effort it takes to build and maintain a relationship.

You land a shy, reserved guy, you win on the relationship front.

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