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Tanasha Donna hits back at Pastor Kanyari’s criticism of her enhanced lips

Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama, Tanasha Donna, has responded to Pastor Victor Kanyari‘s criticism of her lips.

Tanasha has been in the spotlight recently after photos from her Snapchat account showed pumped-up lips.

Pastor Victor Kanyari the leader of the Salvation Healing Ministry church, weighed in on Tanasha’s decision to get lip fillers, questioning why some women enhance their various body features, from their lips to their hips.

“I want someone to help me understand why women love plump lips, a big bottom and also bosoms,” Pastor Kanyari said, adding, “Ladies, what do you like about men?”

Before delving into the controversial topic, he started a discussion during a TikTok Live session.

“I know women prefer tall men,” he continued.

This reaction comes shortly after Tanasha revealed her ongoing healing process following a recent lip filler procedure.

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She even took to her Snapchat to share the information, stressing that fillers typically take up to two weeks to fully heal and settle.

“Different types of fillers can settle more quickly and your lifestyle and similar factors can also affect the amount of time it takes to settle,” she wrote.

Tanasha was quick to respond to Kanyari’s comments, advising him to focus on his ministry.

She also clarified that she had undergone a quick lip filler procedure, which has a short recovery time.

Tanasha said: “This was the second day of the filler and my lips were still swollen. The swelling is way down.”

“Fillers are not permanent either, read up on cosmetology before you gossip. Apambanane na church maneneos aniache nkt (He should deal with church matters and leave me alone!),” Tanasha wrote.