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Why Pastor Victor Kanyari is super active on TikTok – Exclusive

Controversial preacher Victor Kanyari has explained why he has made his debut on TikTok.

The self-proclaimed man of God, who has shown keen interest in using the platform, told Nairobi News that his aim is to save lives rather than make money.

“Joining the platform is not going to make me rich if I’m not already rich. I joined TikTok because I noticed that it is mostly the younger generation and I wanted to reach out and save some lives. There are a lot of tragedies and I think we can make a difference. There are a lot of drug addicts on the platform and I hope to help and guide them,” he explained.

When asked how he deals with trolls and hate, the Salvation Healing Ministry leader said he is unfazed.

“No pastor has faced as much criticism as I have. If you were to live my life for just one day, you wouldn’t be able to withstand the amount of hate I receive. That’s why I won’t let trolls stop me from doing what I want. I’ve become immune to the negativity and hate,” he said.

How much has Kanyari earned from the TikTok platform?

Kanyari mentioned that he has received gifts from Kenyans living in Germany and the USA.

“I have received numerous gifts from Kenyans in Germany and the USA. Most of the gifts are from people in those countries. I’ve been on the platform for less than a week and I checked and my account has accumulated over Sh100,000 so far. Money isn’t my main motivation for being there.

The amount is relatively small. If I were focused on money, I’d invest my time elsewhere to earn more. I’m exploring a new market within the ministry. People want prayer and words of encouragement. I take the time to offer words of comfort. I’ve found that you often have to be controversial to get attention.

Responding to Nyako, who criticised him for joining TikTok, Kanyari pointed out that some people make money by insulting him.

“Some even expect me to go live every day, but I can’t commit because of my hectic schedule. People like Nyako and others insult me to make money and I’m happy that they will benefit financially,” he said.

Kanyari also mentioned that both men and women express romantic interest on the platform.

“I have never really connected with younger people; I mostly interact with their parents. Dealing with young people is challenging, especially understanding their language.”

Adding, “Many women and men who are looking for marriage have contacted me in my DMs. They send me pictures and contact details, all kinds of pictures. I often even receive nude photos. Nimezoea (I’m used to it),” he shared.

During one of his recent live sessions on TikTok, Kanyari openly appealed to the faceless mysterious gifter King Roso, asking him to send him “lions”.

Despite speculation about King Roso’s intentions and affiliations, Kanyari was unafraid to ask for gifts, even jokingly suggesting that receiving five lions could hasten his demise.

“Someone said that King Roso gives out lions and that he is in the Illuminati. King Roso, send me this lion. Send me four lions so that I may die quickly.

They said that if he sends you lions, you will die. King Roso, I’m only asking you to send me five lions and you add five more. Let me die. I owe nothing to anyone. I heard a priest say that King Roso is part of the Illuminati,” Kanyari said.

Each TikTok lion reportedly costs $400, or about KSh 52,000.

In another sermon on April 3, Pastor Kanyari attempted to combine his traditional preaching style with the modern medium of TikTok.

Addressing his followers, he encouraged them to engage by tapping the screen and reaching a milestone of 21,000 likes.

“Tap tap guys tufike 21k, tafadhali tap tap, asante,” he said.

Kanyari expressed gratitude for their support and reiterated his belief that his audience was seeking blessings and prayers through their interactions on the platform.

“Those who speak ill, let them speak ill, but I believe that those who are here want blessings, they want prayers,” he added.