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Jackie Matubia responds to criticism of her outfit at Bridgerton event in SA

Award-winning actress Jackie Matubia was among the Kenyans who attended the star-studded premiere of the third season of Netflix’s popular romance series ‘Bridgerton’, in South Africa.

The new season premieres worldwide, exclusively on Netflix, on May 16 (part 1) and June 13 (part 2).

The event, held in Johannesburg, brought together prominent African film stars to add glamour to the occasion.

Matubia’s striking burgundy ensemble embraced the theme of the evening, featuring a jumpsuit-like outfit with burgundy and blue accents. It featured a high collar, cape-like back and voluminous ruffled sleeves. The neckline was open.

Despite the ‘Regency Era Splendor: Into the Spotlight’ dress code, Matubia’s outfit has since sparked controversy among her followers.
Criticism has focused on the fit, particularly around her bust area.

In response, Matubia has broken her silence and defended her choice, saying it reflects evolving fashion trends and contemporary sensibilities.

“My breasts and envy made you open pseudo accounts. Take some pressure drips because I applied the right pressure the way it is supposed to be done. And when God decides, He decides. For those cheering me on, I am grateful and I love you so much,” she wrote.

Her stylist, Nelly Mulandi, also stood firmly behind her creation, saying that every aspect of the outfit was planned, purposeful and flawlessly executed.
“A lot of research went into this look. We did extensive research into the mind of the stylist for the new season,” she said.

Here are some of the reactions

Mary Kassy said on Instagram, “Guys, have you even seen #Bridgerton? I think that was the inspiration for her dress. All those complaining about her dress should just watch the very first episode of #Bridgerton. It’s a British show and that was their dress code back then. For me, it’s the colour combination that wasn’t right. Otherwise she looked good for the occasion.”

Lydia Muna pointed out: “Weeeeuh those twins are suffering in there, I feel pain for them.”

Lucy Thuo noted: “Woow good outfit like the Bridgerton actor #the duke and princess”.

Who attended the star-studded event?

A-listers at the event included LA-based Kenyan model, comedian, content creator and chess champion Elsa Majimbo. Her Kenyan counterparts included acclaimed film star Catherine (Kate Actress) Kamau, NTV’s Amina Abdi Rabar and established actors: Manasseh Nyagah and Jackie Matubia.

Nairobi’s top celebrity stylists: Brian Babu and Lady Mandy also attended the premiere. Babu styled Amina Abdi and Manasseh Nyaga while Lady Mandy styled Kate Actress.
Kate, Amina, Manasseh and Jackie’s bespoke outfits were all designed and made by Kenyan designers: Peggy’ O’ by Onyango Peggy, Afrostreet by Yvonne Adhiambo, Bolo Bespoke and African Fabric and Design.

Elsa was styled by South African celebrity stylist Kgosi Lesego. Tanzanian film star, comedian and media personality Idris Sultan dressed himself and his team.

The East African celebrities were among the distinguished guests who attended the special invitation and exclusive gathering that heralded a new era and season of the popular period drama.

The grand event, themed ‘Regency Era Splendor: Into The Spotlight’ brought together the African Ton – some of Africa’s brightest and biggest stars from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, with Adjoa Andoh (who plays Lady Agatha Danbury in Bridgerton) as special guest.

The event featured world-class entertainment including South African group Beyond Vocals Acapella and Grammy-nominated artist Musa Keys.