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Police boss says ‘untouchable’ city tout being investigated

Police have opened investigations into the conduct of a tout accused of assaulting passengers at a bus station in Nairobi.

The tout accused of assaulting a passenger and whom junior police officers have labelled ‘untouchable’ has four pending assault cases in court dating back up to 14 years.

On Wednesday, Nairobi County police commander Joseph ole Tito said that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations had opened a file commissioning investigations into the conduct of Felix Mwingirwa after allegations that he was enjoying the protection of senior police officers as he collects bribes on their behalf.

Mr Tito said the DCI was investigating the conduct, bank accounts, movement and association of the tout, who is an official of the Meru Matatu Sacco to establish whether allegations of his links to police are true.

“The reports by some media houses that the tout is untouchable are incorrect and misrepresented because no one is above the law,” the police boss said in his office.