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Police vow to hunt down Gor Mahia hooligans

August 14th, 2015 2 min read

Police will use CCTV footage to arrest rowdy Gor Mahia fans who torched two vehicles in Nairobi on Wednesday night.

Police spokesman George Kinoti said on Thursday that they are yet to make any arrests so far but they are reviewing the CCTV footage from the scene to help them with investigations.

Kinoti confirmed that the incident occurred at around 8pm on Wednesday evening after an accident involving a Gor Mahia fan and Nairobi County officials.

“Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Gor Mahia fans torched the council van after turning it on its side. There was another vehicle parked next to it, which accidentally caught fire.

“It was not hawkers. It was Gor Mahia fans and they did that after a fatal accident involving the council van and a few fans,” he said.

The club’s fans usually converge on the Tom Mboya monument before and after their matches.


As the fans were celebrating their 2-0 victory over Ushuru earlier that evening, they met a group of hawkers fleeing council askaris in the CBD.

The askaris were out to arrest the hawkers and, in the confusion, one Gor fan was allegedly run over by a Nairobi City County van.

Angered by the accident, the fans confronted the askaris as hundreds of people caught in the evening rush hour fight took cover. The fans later torched the van. Another saloon car parked nearby also caught fire.

The club has since apologised for the incident, saying that the people who committed the heinous act “belong in jail”.

“Gor Mahia FC strongly condemns the unfortunate and unacceptable acts of hooliganism witnessed this evening. This club fully supports the rule of law and in no way condones such behaviour.

“These acts of vandalism and lawlessness are a far cry from what Gor Mahia FC stands for. Those that engaged in these heinous acts of hooliganism must face the full arm of the law. These despicable acts of a minority should never prevail over the values of the majority,” read a statement on the club’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts.