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Presidential assassinations’

It is not easy being President of a country.

If you are not fighting jeers from the public, then you could be scratching your head as you seek a long-term solution for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Or, you could be fighting corruption or court orders against you, or even going to jail, surviving assassinations, and at worse, even getting killed.

In 2021, there have been six presidential assassinations at the very least, two of which were successful.

Here are some of the cases in point

1. Idriss Deby (Chad) – He was reportedly killed by rebel forces while on a visit to troops on the frontline in April 2021. Deby was, prior to his death, one of Africa’s longest-serving Head of State, having ruled the country for three decades non-stop

2. Jovenal Moise (Haiti) – He also succumbed to a brutal death in July of 2021. According to his wife, Moise’s body had 12 bullets pumped in at the family’s private home in Port au Prince, leaving him dead and his wife Martine seriously injured.

2. Mohamed Nasheed (Maldives) – He was reportedly bombed by an explosive device planted on a motorcycle next to his car. He sustained multiple injuries and had to undergo a 16-hour surgery in Germany in exchange for a ticket to survival.

4. Assimi Goita (Mali) – He was praying at a mosque in honour of the Islamic festival Eid Al Adha in the country’s capital Bamako when someone attempted to stab him. He however managed to escape with his life.

5. Andry Rajoelina (Madagascar) – The country’s security chiefs announced on Thursday, July 23, 2021, that they had foiled an attempt at the Head of State’s life. Six suspects were arrested in connection with the attempted assassination.

6. Emmanuel Macron (France) – He got away with a slap on his face, from a French national, while on a tour.