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Prison warder arrested while raping Covid-19 patient at isolation centre

Police are holding a male prison officer who was found raping a female Covid-19 patient at an isolation centre in Busia County.

The prison constable, who is attached to Busia prison, is held for rape at the Agricultural Training Centre [ATC] where he was found inside the patient’s room at around 3am after other patients raised alarm.

A police report filed at Busia police station indicates that the warder was disarmed and quarantined at the facility after the incident was reported.

The warden was on patrol with a colleague and two police officers when he stopped to talk to the patient. The other officers left him there and proceeded to the guard room.

He took too long and other officers returned to look for him but he was nowhere to be seen.

Moments later, they heard screams from the women’s wards and rushed there where they found other female patients outside protesting that the prison officer was raping a patient in her room.

Ministry of Health officials were summoned and quarantined the man after he was disarmed.