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Reprieve for Nairobians as water supply set to resume next week

Water supply from Sasumua dam to Nairobi is expected to resume next week.

According to Water and Sanitation CS Sicily Kariuki contractors are already at the site repairing transmission pipelines damaged by a landslide in Karemenu river in the Aberdare Ranges following heavy rains.

Sasumua dam accounts for 11.6 percent of the water supply to Nairobi county.

A section of Nairobians are currently experiencing water shortage worsened by great tepidity and muddy water from Ng’ethu dam which supplies about 80 percent of water to the city.

Heavy rains swept away the main water pipes running through forests in the Aberdare mountain range a week ago cutting water supply to a significant section of Nairobi.

Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company said it was forced to shut down water supply at the dam due to the damage to the water transmission pipes feeding the city.

From last week, a section of residents of Nairobi county have had to do without water after operations at the Sasumua dam were shut down.

The firm said the suspension of transmission at the dam meant 11.6 percent of city estates and commercial centres would experience water shortage indefinitely.