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Retailer adopts mono-brand strategy ahead of new iPhones arrival

By Mac Otani September 30th, 2019 1 min read

In the recent past, there have been drastic changes in shopping habits and how consumers interact with their favourite retail goods across the globe.

Kenyan shoppers, especially lovers of mobile phones and other gadgets, have caught on to the trend fast and are demanding more from the retail sector.

Retailers are now adopting the mono-brand strategy meant to enhance their shoppers’ experience by focusing more on the unique attributes of their goods.

Local Authorised Apple Reseller, Personal Systems, has adopted mono-brand and launched the premier refit store for refurbished Apple products and accessories.

The refit of the shop at Yaya Centre, funded by Apple through Redington, is estimated to be worth Ksh 5 million, with more focus on the retail experience.

Speaking at the launch, Redington Marketing Manager Christine Judy said the refit would add value to the distributed products by enhancing the local user experience.

Personal Systems Managing Director Mahmood Khambiye has lauded the mono-brand store approach and added that it is the future of brand marketing.

‘This approach is set to revolutionize marketing trends for Apple products locally while at the same time offering world class Apple experience,” said Khambiye.

The refit comes as the recently launched iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro mobile phones are expected to be officially launched in the country on November 1, 2019.